Winter Solitude


Winter solitude –
in a world of one color
the sound of wind. –Matsuo Basho

Dried Flowers in the Snow

When the flowers have dried and snow covers the ground there is quiet beauty in Winter’s solitude. It is as if life is suspended while waiting for the natural world to reawaken.

A recent snowfall motivated me to capture some quiet solitude here on Boulder Colorado’s Open Space and Mountain Parks trails

Snow Pix -7.jpg

Snow Pix -2

Snow Pix -4

Solitude can be found in small things too…

Snow Pix -6

Moving closer reveals the feathery crystals of surface hoar on the snow. This frozen frost is beautiful but deadly

Snow Pix -11.jpg

My close-up lens exposes a world of crystal fragility…

Fern Crystal-3



Fern Crystal-2 edit

This is close enough to see individual ice crystals…


Hoar Frost Crystals

In a few months the snowmelt will nourish our early spring flowers and sustain the reawakening of the natural world for the next cycle of life.


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