Caribou Ranch Gold and Silver

There’s gold and silver in them thar hills and it’s time to head out to stake my claim.  I went in search for golden and silver pixels in the Caribou Ranch Open Space near Nederland Colorado. Regrets to Mandy the Dog as canines are not welcome there.

Heading north on the Peak to Peak highway (State Highway 72) from the town of Nederland you will go past the sign for Caribou (the ghost town) and make a left at this sign…

A short dusty ride leads to the parking lot and trailhead

After about 1 mi/1.6 km the trail continues on the old Switzerland Trail roadbed toward the DeLonde Homestead…

Switzerland Trail Interpretative Sign

Where we soon discover gold…

A few minutes later we approach the motherload on the left of the trail…

The Motherload

More Gold In The Grove

Follow the Blue Bird Loop Trail to find the silver mine…

Follow The Blue Bird Loop Trail

…go past the old DeLonde Ranch where films and near where music was made…

DeLonde Homestead

DeLonde Interpretative Sign

Soon the trail parallels the North Boulder Creek

Steps to North Boulder Creek

View of North Boulder Creek

A little further the Blue Bird Mine Complex signpost appears….

Blue Bird Mine Signpost

Blue Bird Miner's Bunkhouse

Blue Bird Mine Interpretative Sign

It’s a short walk to the place where the silver came from…

Blue Bird Silver Mine Shaft

There may not be much silver left but there is still lots of gold to collect on the way back…

Aspen Gold Shelters The Trail

More Aspen Gold

Still More Aspen Gold

The Hills Are Alive With Gold

Gold In The Forest

Be sure to collect your gold before the season ends…

Soon The Show Will Be Over


4 Responses to “Caribou Ranch Gold and Silver”

  1. David Mendosa Says:

    I too am seeking the motherload — of aspens turning. Yesterday I hiked from Bierstadt Lake to the Bierstadt Lake Trailhead (after earlier hiking from the Bear Lake Trailhead to Bierstadt Lake). Glorious views of aspens turning — but still about a week before peak. Thanks for reminding me of the aspens at Caribou Ranch. Do you have any other suggestions for hikes to see the motherload next week?

  2. Linda Says:

    Gorgeous! Thanks, Rich.

  3. Ernest Poccia Says:

    I had the pleasure of visiting in the fall of 2006. I can’t even explain what it meant to me hiking along the trails and coming upon the DeLonde Homestead. Then driving up to entrance of Caribou Ranch and seeing the newer gates after being able to photograph the original gates back in 1999 on my first trip there. Thanks so much Jim for everything you’ve done in the industry, and most of all for the things you continue to do afterwards. If someone told me when I was 14 years old that I would experience this when I reached my 50’s I would of thought they were out of their mind. We’ll I guess never say never!

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