Rocky Mountain Golden Groves

Marching along all clothed in white
watching o’er mountain meadows high.
Bathed in heaven’s soft morning light
framed against a bright cobalt sky.

Colorado, a place so free
between the mountains, trees and streams.
I close my eyes and I can see
October Aspen in my dreams.

                                                                © 2010 Nita G. Isenhour (All rights reserved)

The Season’s Finale is Underway

I went chasing aspen color these past few weeks and the venue was Rocky Mountain National Park.

The Place for Aspens @ 40°22’1.40″N 105°34’42.90″W

I tracked these golden trees from high on the Bierstadt Moraine (named for western landscape painter Albert Bierstadt) where the vista is sweeping…

Bierstadt Moraine Fall Vista Captured 1 October 2010 9:30am @ 40°19’19.47″N 105°37’24.40″W

More of Bierstadt’s Gold

to a solitary aspen glowing next to Alberta Falls

The View at Alberta Falls Captured 20 September 1:10pm @ 40°18’12.88″N 105°38’16.03″W

Some form golden aspen atriums…

Aspen Atrium Captured 14 October 2010 9:27am @ 40°21’25.55″N 105°36’7.20″W

some reach for the sky…

Bierstadt Skyward Aspens Captured 1 october 2010 @ 40°19’14.49″N 105°37’26.02″W

some hide in the pines…

Behind the Pines

while others reach for the peaks….

Moraine Park Tree Stand Captured 14 October 2010 9:15am @ 40°21’33.52″N 105°35’53.94″W

Some groves form “golden sentinels” blazing with color on the outside…

Beaver Meadow Aspen Grove

Beaver Meadow Grove Captured 14 October 2010 11:15am @ 40°21’32.82″N 105°35’42.48″W

while offering more intimate light play on the inside…

Inside the Grove Captured 14 October 2010 9:30am @ 40°21’25.55″N 105°36’7.20″W

Light Plays in the Grove

Soon the season’s glorious finalé will end and the aspens will be completely “all clothed in white” leaving me with only my memories (and photos) until the first subtle notes of spring return.

Waiting for Spring’s Return on the Continental Divide 13 October 6:30pm @ 40°21’27.37″N 105°36’33.24″W

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3 Responses to “Rocky Mountain Golden Groves”

  1. stevyn Says:

    Stunning work! You capture the majestic beauty we enjoy in Colorado.

  2. Fall Color and Infatuated Elk « Tales from the Trails Says:

    […] beckons. My regular readers will know that this is the time when I like to go to Rocky Mountain National Park to capture the last colorful embers of the growing season. I was especially motivated to go early […]

  3. Crimson Canyon | Tales from the Trails Says:

    […] Colorado the native plants are generally earth-toned in Fall leaving our bright yellow and red aspens for higher elevations. One notable exception is Sumac (Rhus glabra). Sumac’s fall foliage […]

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