Switzerland in Colorado

The beautiful town of Ouray  is tucked away in the southwestern part of Colorado on the Western Slope of the Continental Divide. Ouray bills itself as the “Switzerland of America”. This is because of its setting at the narrow head of a valley enclosed on three sides by the rugged  San Juan  mountains. I went camping there last week to scout out the wildflowers and vistas and I captured this image of the town and its backdrop at the Amphitheater Campground in the Uncompahgre National Forest (@ 38.023146,-107.662877)… 

View of Ouray from Campground

This is a place of majestic waterfalls such as the Lower Cascade…   

Lower Cascade Falls (38.02585,-107.664557)

…as well as this tiny cascade seeping from a steep rock wall…  

Seeping Rock on Camp Bird Road (38.002216,-107.69464)

…where a mat of bright yellow water-loving  Monkeyflowers (Mimulus tilingii) take advantage of the shower (the name monkey flower come from the physical appearance of the flowers or from the name Mimulus stemming from the the root word meaning mimic)…

Showering Monkeyflowers

This was a short trip and I hope to soon return to capture some more images to share. I leave you with this Towhee (Pipilo maculatus) catching a quick bite in a gambel oak forest…  

Dining Towhee (Pipilo maculatus)

5 Responses to “Switzerland in Colorado”

  1. Barbara Neulight Says:

    Beautiful pictures and descriptions!

  2. richwolf Says:

    Thanks Barbara!

  3. Susan Litt Says:

    Rich=you do such a wonderful job of photographing and describing what you see. I look forward to your next trip.

  4. richwolf Says:

    Thanks Susan…I’m glad to have you as a fan.

  5. markpaulda Says:

    this is just great.
    thanks for sharing.

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