Boulder’s Bears Get Drowsy

I admit to a weakness for bears. Maybe it’s because my urban childhood was filled with cute and fatherly images of Teddy and Smokey. It wasn’t until I moved here to Boulder Colorado that I saw a real bear and now I’m delighted to see them every fall. I still think they are pretty cute but not at all fatherly as the males have no role in raising cubs.

It was during my hike up the popular Mesa Trail from the Chautauqua Trailhead yesterday that I noticed a few excited folks acting like paparazzi photographing three black bear near the junction with the Bluebell Baird Trail. This mother and her two cubs seemed pretty sleepy and not at all concerned about having their pictures spread all over the blogosphere. Unaware hikers on the McClintock Trail came within 50 feet of a chubby cub fast asleep splayed across a tree branch. I was somewhat surprised to see these bears after our big snowstorm last week but I guess the return of warmer temperatures brought these drowsy Ursus americanus out from their den for another look around. Black bears are not true hibernators. During their winter dormant period they do not eat, drink, urinate, or defecate, but may wake up if disturbed.

Here are some photos of the event…

Bear Watchers-1

Paparazzi Photograph Bears

McClintock Bear

Drowsy Mom and Her Cub Watch Humans

McClintock Bear in tree-1

Bear Cub Sleeps on Tree Branch

Black bears are amazing animals. To learn more about them you can check out The North American Bear Center and National Geographic websites.


One Response to “Boulder’s Bears Get Drowsy”

  1. Michael O'Neill Says:

    Now that I’ve discovered your site I find lots of fun things to explore, and will for sure be linking to it in my own posts.

    On this page, please check your hotlink to Boulder Colorado. Needs some serious correction, and it’s an important link.


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