Ranger’s Duties to Include Poop Tagging

In an effort to clean up the bag mess on Boulder trails our Open Space Rangers have begun stapling notices — the size of a business card — to unattended bags of poop reminding people that they are littering and could face a $100 fine if caught. This has to be a real resume enhancer!
Mandy and I were interviewed by the  Boulder Daily Camera on this subject. Our video can be viewed on YouTube. Thanks to Jeff  Kagan of for this hilarious music video about the dog poop issue on OSMP: Dog Poop – The Music Video.
Rich & Mandy Discuss Poop

Rich Wolf walks his dog Mandy along the Sanitas trails off of Mapleton Avenue in Boulder on Saturday, July 18, 2009. The city is launching an awareness campaign to let dog owners know it’s illegal to leave their companion’s bagged waste by the side of open space trails (Mara Auster|Camera 7/21/09)

One Response to “Ranger’s Duties to Include Poop Tagging”

  1. Suzanne Pierson Says:

    You’re a true celebrity now, Rich!
    Excellent interview and fun to meet Mandy!
    All the best…

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