South Mesa Flaxen Vista

I went out on the South Mesa Trail to check out the early summer views. This has been a wet spring & early summer and I was able to capture this lush vista of the front range with a field of flax  (Linum lewisii) in the foreground.

Flax Facts:

Archaeologists digging in a cave in the Eurasian country of Georgia have come across the world’s oldest textiles: flax fibers that date back 30,000 years or more. The find suggests that string isn’t as humble as it seems. It may have helped our ancestors survive the last ice age.

-Each bud opens in the daylight and stays open in proportion to the intensity of sunlight.

-On warm sunny days most flowers will drop their petals by late afternoon.

-This is they type of plant from which linen and linseed oil are derived.

-Flax deeds are high in Omega-3 and lignans which may benifit the heart and possess anti-tumor properties for people suffering from brest and prostate cancer.

South Mesa Flaxen Vista

South Mesa Flaxen Vista (39°56'45.79"N 105°16'13.67"W)

Photo note: This photo consists of 120 photos (5 rows of 24 images) merged in PhotoShop®. Its size at 240 dpi is 10′ x 3′. It was caputured at 9:30am on July 11th 2009. 
Now’s the time to grab your camera and head for the hills and fields!

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