Boulder Vultures Rock

Turkey Vulture on tree (shadowed)The Turkey Vulture may have some image issues but it is one impressive critter. I found this one hanging out watching  hikers and their dogs running down the Bear Canyon Trail trying to avoid a lightning storm yesterday. He may been waiting to hit the jackpot for dinner. I took this photo at GPS coordinates 39°58’22.41″N .105°16’23.12″W which is close to the trail entrance on Bear Mountain Drive.

Here are some interesting facts about this raptor from desert USA:

It is one of North America’s largest birds of prey.

In flight the Turkey Vulture rocks from side to side rarely flapping its wings.Turkey Vulture in Flight (shadowed)

Vultures though best known for their practice of  feeding on dead animal carcasses will attack young or injured animals.

They are protected from disease associated with decaying animals by a very sophisticated immune system.

Their unfeathered “bald” head is easy to keep clean but makes them hard to call cute.

Unlike most birds they have a keen sense of smell.

If you have any interesting photos or stories about these beautiful birds please send them on!

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