Eye Candy on Shanahan Ridge

It’s time to go back to the lower part of  Boulder’s Shanahan Ridge trail to enjoy the view of the forest floor! After a week of spring rains this area  is lush with grasses and filled with wildflowers. Get down with the Asters, Alpine and One sided Penstemon, Blue Flax, Golden Banner, Chiming Bells, Harebells, Wild Geraniums, Yellow Arnica, Western Wallflower and the ever popular Death Camas. Drawings of these flowers can be found in a City of Boulder brochure called Look Closely. Don’t forget to bring your camera to preserve this eye candy for when the forest is cold and covered with snow.

I took this photo on June 5th 2009 from the North Fork of the Shanahan Ridge Trail at 10:30 am MDT. To find this scene set your GPS to 39°57’53.19″N 105°15’51.77″W.

 Shanahan Wildflowers-2 Vista (10x3.5) shadowed

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