Sugarbowls on the Goshawk Ridge

Thanks to an alert by a Boulder naturalist I set out on the Goshawk Ridge Trail today to find a Sugarbowl Clematis a.k.a. Coriflora hirsutissima.  The north side of this Ridge is wild with wildflowers (note the trail signage).Tiny Jewels signage (shadowed) For directions to the Goshawk see my post entitled New Goshawk Ridge Trail Opened.  I’ve never met this flower so it was fun finding and learning about it.  My main resource for flowers is Southwest Colorado Wildflowers. It is here that I learned that the hairs covering the flower and its stalk give rise to its species name: “hirsutissima” meaning hairy.  “Coriflora” is Greek for leather, referring to the texture of the flower. There are also some good photos of various stages in the life cycle of this wildflower on this site.

I found this beauty at 39°55’23.25″N  105°16’41.76″W …

Sugarbowl (Coriflora hirsutissima)
Sugarbowl (Coriflora hirsutissima)


2 Responses to “Sugarbowls on the Goshawk Ridge”

  1. Roger A.C.Williams Says:

    Just hiked this “new” trail. It’s actually an old social trail given a new life; but it used to peter out up on the ridge. I’d been up it before, up and down the Denver Water aqueduct access road before they fenced and posted that (why did they do that?) and down through the supposedly hazardous old Conda Mine (it’s not).

  2. Sugarbowls In Sunshine Canyon | Tales from the Trails Says:

    […] uncommon flower, known as a Sugarbowl, is hard to find here in Boulder. I have seen a few on the Goshawk Ridge Trail but this is the largest patch of Sugarbowls I’ve ever seen in one […]

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