Wildflowers & Vistas on the Spring Brook North Trail

Arnica (shadowed)

Heart-leaved Arnica (Arnica cordifolia) I think

I went hiking on Boulder’s Spring Brook North Loop Trail on Sunday to look for wildflowers and sweeping vistas and I found both in abundance. If you are in the area and can find a couple hours and a camera this is a great place to be. Here are two free resources to enhance your experience:

-A free flower guide entitled Look Closely,

-A schedule of free naturalist guided tours as part of Boulder’s Natural Selections program. You can even subscribe to a mailing list to get email alerts of naturalist hikes and programs. 

In addition to the lush environment that this area provides for wildflowers, it also provides sweeping views looking north up Shadow Canyon toward Boulder’s Flatirons in the distance.

I took this panorama from the Spring Brook Loop North at GPS coordinates 39°55’40.96″N 105°16’8.88″W on May 17th at 9:20 am. Can you see the faint image of a fox outlined by outcroppings in Shadow Canyon or is it just me?

Springbrook Vista (10x4.5 shadowed)

The best things in life are free!

One Response to “Wildflowers & Vistas on the Spring Brook North Trail”

  1. Larra Says:

    Yes, I agree with you last statement:
    The best things in life are free!

    IF we bother to take time, look around and appreciate! I appreciate myself most when I am with nature.

    Have a good day!

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