I’ve never seen a cougar in the 4 years I’ve been hiking in Boulder although I’ve seen plenty of evidence that they are out there. If you have any photos of  local cougars please send me some at and I will add them to this post.

Here are some tracks I found on April 29 on the lower part of the E. M. Greenman Trail


Thanks to Keith Brunell for these two photos of a cougar he discovered in Longmont this week…

Keith's Cat-1Keith's Cat-2

…and to John Trudeaux for sending me this photo he took two years ago in his backyard here in Boulder:


There is mystique and fear surrounding this beautiful animal and many of the visitors I meet on the local trails have lots of questions about them. The Rocky Mountain Cat Conservancy and the Cougar Fund  promote education and stewardship. Both organizations share a primary goal of reaching out and educating communities about the complex issues facing cougars, and in turn, conserving the cat for future generations. The Cougar Fund protects the cougar throughout the Americas’ by educating children and adults on the value of cougars, by funding and promoting the use of sound science, and by monitoring state policies to assure a lasting place for this graceful creature. The Rocky Mountain Cat Conservancy (RMCC) is dedicated to promoting wild cat conservation through research and community stewardship. The RMCC was founded on the belief that a higher degree of coexistence can be achieved through proactive, strategic research, education and community involvement. For more information please visit or

2 Responses to “Cougars!”

  1. Suzanne Pierson Says:

    I won’t miss this chance to see Thomas Mangelsen’s art and hear him speak! Much less the authors of the really Good Read “Listening to Cougar” will be there presenting, too. Looks to be a terrific evening for nature/wildlife lovers, hikers and .. oh yes, we who hold high respect for the COUGAR!

  2. Suzanne Pierson Says:

    Wow, Rich! Those shots by Keith are fantastic!!!
    I’m not so sure I ever want to see a cougar when I trek the trails. From a distance maybe. Thanks for the photos – awesome!

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