Winter Break

Thanks to the jet stream we have been given a respite from winter. Today was 62 degrees (F) with blue skies and wispy clouds…a perfect day for a Boulder hike. I did one of my favorite loops starting at the lower part of the Shanahan Ridge. I traveled south to the Big Bluestem and then west to the Mesa trail. I then took Mesa north to the South Shanahan and east back to the start. The total loop is about 4 miles and it includes prairie (Lower Bluestem), canyon (Upper Bluestem) and forest (Mesa & Shanahan). It also affords some spectacular views of the front range from Devel’s Thumb to the area behind NCAR.

Here’s one I took with my phone camera from the Upper Bluestem…


…and another with my real camera (Canon EOS 30D) at the end of my hike right near the trail head at about 1:45pm…


The weather forecast promises even warmer days this week so celebrate winter break in the Rockies!

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