Boulder’s Burn

As many of you know, we had a big grassfire here in Boulder two days ago. One of the fires, known as the Neva fire, was a few miles from my house and in the backyard of two of my trail buddies. We went out this morning to inspect the “damage” but found that the trails are closed during an evaluation of safety issues. I’m told that the hillside is not stable and that we humans may need to stay off for a while while things get back to normal. Specifically, the Foothills and Old Kiln Trails  are closed.

Thanks to Dave Sutherland of Boulder’s Open Space and Mountain Parks Department  for sending me his dramatic photos of the fire…



Here’s my photo of the hillside as it looked this morning.


I’m told that the hillside will recover and by spring it will no longer look like a fly ash heap. Note that the pines seem healthy. I’ll return and take another picture when it is pretty and covered with flowers.

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