The Mystery of Saddle Rock

It’s been so hot lately that I’m moving to cooler wooded trails with access to dog water for Mandy.

This brought us to the Saddle Rock Trail last week. Both the Saddle Rock and Gregory Canyon Trails can be reached from the start of Flagstaff Road (Baseline) just up the road from Chautauqua Park. Saddle Rock is one of the cooler lower trails while Gregory Canyon is one of the hottest (Cactus don’t lie). Saddle Rock is also an old trail with traces of early signage and some water structures. I briefly tried to track down the history of the trail but I couldn’t find much. Perhaps my readers can help us out. You can take Saddle Rock up to E.M. Greenman (no dogs) to Green Mountain (8144″) and loop back down via Ranger and Gregory. This can all be found in the OSMP Circle Hikes Trails Guide.

So here comes the mystery. As I got to the signpost at the trail head I noticed some recent graffiti on the post. I took a photo to report back to the folks who maintain all of the trail signage but when I looked at the photo I guessed that it might be old graffiti or maybe an old sign exposed by recent activity. Then again it could just be another bonehead who failed spelling before dropping out of high school and who now aspires to a life of defacing public property. You be the judge…

Saddle Rock has many  hearty flowers and butterflies here are a few for you to view…



Wild Geranium


Fritillary on Yarrow (I think)

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