Bears and Butts

A funny thing happened on the way to Shadow Canyon yesterday. Several folks reported seeing a large male bear near where the Shadow Canyon and Towhee trails meet (39°56’37.58″N 105°16’54.54″W). I reported this at about 11:30 am and Ranger Val came up to investigate. Neither of us spotted the bear. Based on eyewitneses I am pretty sure that the bear was lounging near an old homestead at that location although sometimes “eyewitnesses” can turn a squirrel into a bear.







On another topic, there is a mystery on the Sanitas Valley trail. I have noticed that the lower bench (40° 1’28.70″N 105°17’47.32″W) occasionally gets surrounded by a pile of cigarette butts. It appears as if someone is dumping an ashtray. If anyone has any clues about this mess please send comments!


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