Shooting Wildflowers

If you are looking for the perfect day to shoot photos of early spring wildflowers the next few days should be ideal. Today I started at the South Mesa Trailhead and did a 4.6 mile loop consisting of the Mesa -> Homestead -> Towhee -> Shadow Canyon -> Mesa -> Big Bluestem  -> Mesa. This loop was a riot of Spring Beauties, Pasqueflowers, Sand Lillies, Yellow Violets, Oregon Grape and Chiming Bells.

So dust off your camera, prepare to crawl on your belly like a lizard and take some photos. Send them to me at and I’ll post them here.

Here’s my favorite photo from todays’ hike. If you have a GPS unit (or Google Earth) you can find these at 39°56’48.36″N 105°16’50.15″W.

Spring Beauties

Spring Beauties

Here are two good wildflower references from Open Space and Mountain Parks:


Flower Brochure:

Native Plants Page:


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