New Trailguides, Leashes and Flowers

It’s snowing so I thought I’d come in from the cold and catch up with my blog thoughts.

Next month a new group of good-looking, expertly trained Trail Guides will be set free on our Open Space and Mountain Parks. If you see a fresh face emerging from a green volunteer shirt say hi and ask a challanging question! My hope is to make this blog a place where us trail folks can share ideas and experiences. 

Before I go on to flowers; for those of you who have been following the issue of leashes on the Bear Canyon Trail (see my March 16, 2008 posting), it appears that the trail will remain leashed. I’ll spare you the details but after some open discussion of options at a public forum with OSMP the idea was nixed by NCAR and the National Science Foundation. Even in Boulder, dogs don’t vote.



On a brighter note, the symphony of spring is continuing to build. Here are some photos I took yesterday in Gregory Canyon. It’s snowing pretty hard right now so these tough little flowers are using all of their evolutionary tricks to survive. I’m guessing on some of these captions so if you have a better idea send me an update…

Yellow Violets?


Chiming Bells?


Sand Lillies!

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