More from South Boulder Creek

This late fall weather reprieve has given me the opportunity to capture more fall color. Most of the color is along the low lying creeks so I hauled my panorama equipment to the South Mesa Trailhead yesterday to get some shots of the Creek and of a stand of trees off of the Homestead Trail.

Let me digress for a few words about panoramas. In order to appreciate the sweep of our scenery it is often necessary to take extremely wide angle shots. This usually results in the need for a lot of cropping which degrades the final image detail (resolution). In other words, it doesn’t look very good. Most of today’s digital cameras permit image “stitching” either in the camera or through the use of computer software. The resulting photos can, if done carefully, result in large detailed photos. I have a special (heavy) panorama tripod to help me align the individual photos which gives me great results. Here is a shot of the South Boulder Creek which consists of 9 horizontal photos. Can you find any seams?

Fall South Boulder Creek Vista

Other places with great color include the Boulder Creek, Shadow Canyon and Gregory Canyon. For a quick colorfull hike check out the Sanitas and Red Rocks Trailheads off of Mapleton.

Hurry before it’s a winter wonderland. 


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