Welcome to my Boulder trail guide blog

Graffiti on Flatirons LoopWelcome to my new blog. It is intended to foster communication among trail guides in Boulder, Colorado. Here is an example of information that might be useful in such a blog…

My goals as a volunteer trail guide are to increase vistor enjoyment and to protect the resource. Here are some ways that I’ve found effective in spreading the joy; if you have any more ideas please post your response….         

          -Ask visitor groups if they want you to take their photo. This is a great ice breaker and will give people a lasting memory of their visit.

          -Offer water and a biscuit to dogs. Their owners will appreciate it and understand that we are dog friendly despite recent trail restrictions.

          -Give out maps.  I print out copies of the section I’m planning to hike from the following…


          -Give out OSMP fridge magnets & kids tattoos and encourage visitors to check out www.osmp.org for valuable trail information and outreach programs.

I hiked the Gregory->Ranger->Greenman->Saddle Rock loop today. Thanks to the bears, leash restrictions were in effect on all but the short Ranger stretch. All the dogs I met were in compliance. Hurry and see the beautiful colors…limited time only! Someone reported spotting a Ptarmigan behind the Flatiron off the Saddle Rock climbing access.

Grrrr…Trail graffiti makes me cranky. I’ve noticed that a small but growing number of graffiti “artists” are doing their evil work on Sanitas Mt., Flatirons Loop and Royal Arch trails. If only there was some way to remove this stuff or catch the perps.

This mess was observed on the talus slope on the trail between the First and Second Flatirons. Graffiti on Flatirons Loop The coordinates are 39°59’26.43″N 105°17’24.27″W.

Rich Wolf


One Response to “Welcome to my Boulder trail guide blog”

  1. Adam Wolf Says:

    Great blog. Thanks for the info 🙂

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